Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Omen of Triumph

My friend Tom Bishop wrote an incredible sci-fi fantasy novel titled "An Omen of Triumph".  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. His sister wanted to know if I could create an inspirational piece of art related to the book to encourage him in writing the sequel to the book. I had to tell her the truth... I'd written "Illustrate a book cover for Tom's book" on my list of art projects to do some day, so the timing was perfect.  I hope he likes it. I got it done just in time for Christmas. 64 hours in Photoshop.  Check out the book on Amazon

Dashner family caricature

What happens at Comic Con?  Magical things happen at Comic Con.  I've attended all 3 of them in Salt Lake since they began 3 years ago.  I enjoy meeting lots of artists who have the same passions I do. I got lucky enough to sit in on a panel where James Dashner (author of the Maze Runner series) was speaking with Brandon Mull.  During their speaking, I drew caricatures of each of them.  My had was shaky and I was nervous.  I gave them the caricatures afterward and they seemed to appreciate them.  They were both kind enough to sign my books.  A few days later, I got a call from James' wife asking if I could do a caricature of their family!  I was excited to have the opportunity. 18.5 hours mostly in Manga Studio.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hutchings Caricature

This was a fun Christmas project. 
5 hours in Manga and Photoshop.