Monday, July 22, 2013

Mouth of Provo Canyon

Want something fun to do?  Get a buddy who loves to draw, grab some pencils and paper, find a beautiful spot outside and sketch together.  40 minutes 12" x 9"

Payson Lake Pier

That's one of my best friends fishing on the pier.  My brother and I thought it would be fun to paint while he enjoyed the fishing.  He treated us to a fun campout with electricity, games, running water, beautiful nature, fresh fried rainbow trout, fried potatoes, onions and a yummy yogurt cone.  Had a GREAT time!
4 hours 10" x 8" acrylic

Campground Moonrise

It's so relaxing to sit in the cool of the
evening on a lawn chair, sketching nature.
25 minutes Prismacolor Markers 3.5" x 6"

Payson Lake Grotto Waterfall

I started playing with my prismacolor grayscale markers
on a campout this last weekend and it was a LOT of fun
to sit in nature sketching God's beautiful creations.  It
was also really nice to have patient friends hiking with me.
 30 minutes 4"x 7"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grape Spiders

Show this to your kids and see if they still like eating grapes;)
3.5 hours Painter and Photoshop